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Unduk Ngadau Kaamatan 2007 - The Contestants

Presenting 36 Unduk Ngadau Kaamatan Districts/Sub-Districts/Region competing for the ultimate title of Unduk Ngadau Kaamatan (UNK) 2007 - State Level Tadau Kaamatan. They will be presented based on district/sub-district/region, names, age and interests (ambition). There are in orderly numbered drawn during registration. You will see them appear accordingly based on these number during Gala Night/Sodop Unduk Ngadau (29 May), Special Apperance of UNK 2007 (30 May) and at the Formal Judging of UNK 2007 on 31 May 2007 in KDCA Hall, Penampang.

Another special feature of this year Unduk Ngadau Kaamatan is the sms votes of Miss Hotlink Popular who will automatically becomes the spokesperson of Maxis. So do vote of your Miss Hotlink Popular. T&C applies. Good Luck to the Unduk Ngadau(s)!!

1. Unduk Ngadau Ranau 2007
Ms. Magdalen John
20 yo
Travelling (Businesswoman)
VOTE RANAU and send to 32231

2. Unduk Ngadau Kuala Penyu 2007
Ms. Shane Meliko
21 yo
Reading, Listening to Music (Teacher)
VOTE KP and send to 32231

3. Unduk Ngadau Kota Kinabalu 2007
Ms. Dorina Darick
22 yo
Singing, Dancing (Businesswoman)
VOTE BKK and send to 32231

4. Unduk Ngadau Sipitang 2007
Ms. Adriana Augustine Loijini
24 yo
Singing, Exercise (Businesswoman)
VOTE SIPITANG and send to 32231

5. Unduk Ngadau Beluran 2007
Ms. Cherylanne Chok
24 yo
Dancing (Air Traffic Controller)
VOTE BELURAN and send to 32231

6. Unduk Ngadau Semporna 2007
Ms. Julita Lansau
24 yo
Singing, Travelling (Dentist)
VOTE and send to 32231

7. Unduk Ngadau Membakut 2007
Ms. Saimey Lim
25 yo
Reading, Cooking, Travelling (Businesswoman)
VOTE MEMBAKUT and send to 32231

8. Unduk Ngadau Menumbok 2007
Ms. Jocelyn Cynthia James Enus
19 yo
Reading, watching TV, Travelling (Successful Person)
VOTE MENUMBOK and send to 32231

9. Unduk Ngadau Tawau 2007
Ms. Cassey Pilos
20 yo
Reading, Browsing Internet (Businesswoman)
VOTE TAWAU and send to 32231

10. Unduk Ngadau Lahad Datu 2007
Ms. Elna Jimil
22 yo
Reading, Internet (Further Study)
VOTE LD and send to 32231

11. Unduk Ngadau Kudat 2007
Emily Lukas
19 yo
Singing (Singer)
VOTE KUDAT and send to 32231

12. Unduk Ngadau Pagalungan 2007
Ms. Salomeh Tangkungon
21 yo
Dancing, Sports (Successful Person)
VOTE PEGALUNGAN and send to 32231

13. Unduk Ngadau Tanjung Aru 2007
Ms. Chresentia Sadatal
19 yo
Reading, Travelling (Businesswoman)
VOTE TA and send to 32231

14. Unduk Ngadau Penampang 2007
Ms. Jessie James Sham
VOTE PENAMPANG and send to 32231

15. Unduk Ngadau Inanam 2007
Ms. Viola Fidilis
20 yo
Reading, Cooking (Banker)
VOTE INANAM and send to 32231

16. Unduk Ngadau Kota Belud 2007
Ms. Lyora Kok Yee Lu
20 yo
Reading (Businesswoman)
VOTE KB and send to 32231

17. Unduk Ngadau Beaufort 2007
Ms. Annie Lee Tze Yun
24 yo
Dancing, Travelling (Teacher)
VOTE BEAUFORT and send to 32231

18. Unduk Ngadau Putatan 2007
Ms. Brenda Mellonie Johnny Takom
21 yo
Reading, Travelling (Enginner)
VOTE PUTATAN and send to 32231

19. Unduk Ngadau Paitan 2007
Ms. Suzie Marik
22 yo
Sports (Successful in Life)
VOTE PAITAN and send to 32231

20. Unduk Ngadau Kota Marudu 2007
Ms. Jurinah Johnny
21 yo
Travelling (Lecturer)
VOTE KM and send to 32231

21. Unduk Ngadau Telupid 2007
Ms. Slyvia Engkok
20 yo
VOTE TELUPID and send to 32231

22. Unduk Ngadau Sook 2007
Ms. Jenyrina Jus
24 yo
Dancing (Nurse)
VOTE SOOK and send to 32231

23. Unduk Ngadau Banggi 2007
Ms. Laura Jukium
21 yo
Reading, Listening to Music (Teacher)
VOTE BANGGI and send to 32231

24. Unduk Ngadau Keningau 2007
Ms. Alcy Muji
21 yo
Listening to Radio (Nurse)
VOTE KENINGAU and send to 32231

25. Unduk Ngadau Tambunan 2007
Ms. Edith Edmund Judi
18 yo
Singing, Sports (Tourism Officer)
VOTE TAMBUNAN and send to 32231

26. Unduk Ngadau Klang Valley 2007
Ms. Jaslinder Kaur
18 yo
Piano (Surgeon)
VOTE KV and send to 32231

27. Unduk Ngadau Likas 2007
Ms. Charlene Christopher Jintoni
21 yo
Reading, Palying Sudoku (Lawyer)
VOTE LIKAS and send to 32231

28. Unduk Ngadau Nabawan 2007
Ms. Syanney Frindeus
19 yo
Watching TV (Teacher)
VOTE NABAWAN and send to 32231

29. Unduk Ngadau Tenom 2007
Ms. Cynthia Sosong
22 yo
Sports (Lecturer)
VOTE TENOM and send to 32231

30. Unduk Ngadau Kinabatangan 2007
Ms. Diana Chrictine Sinjan
24 yo
Reading, Singing, Internet, Travelling (Lawyer)
VOTE KINABATANGAN and send to 32231

31. Unduk Ngadau Papar 2007
Ms. Emmy Olen
22 yo
Listening to Music (Biologist)
VOTE PAPAR and send to 32231

32.Unduk Ngadau Sandakan 2007
Carole Liew
24 yo
Reading Listening to Music (Businesswoman)
VOTE SANDAKAN and send to 32231

33. Unduk Ngadau Matunggong 2007
Ms. Julie Rozainie Joniau
18 yo
Reading, Singing (Businesswoman)
VOTE MATUNGGONG and send to 32231

34. Unduk Ngadau Tuaran 2007
Ms. Jo-Anna Sue Henly Rampas
18 yo
Reading, Singing (Lawyer)
VOTE TUARAN and send to 32231

35. Unduk Ngadau Kemabong 2007
Ms. Thessalonica George Rejos
20 yo
Reading, Futsal (Businesswoman)
VOTE KEMABONG and send to 32231

36. Unduk Ngadau Tamparuli 2007
Ms. Elmilyie Eddie
24 yo
Reading, Singing (Successful Person)
VOTE TAMPARULI and send to 32231

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Friday, May 11, 2007

Tadau Kaamatan Kadazan Society Sabah 2007

Tadau Kaamatan
Kadazan Society Sabah (KSS) 2007

Date: 12 May 2007

Time: 9 am - 6 pm

Venue: Tun Fuad Stephens Hall, Penampang

Highlights: Unduk Ngadau KSS 2007 (29 aspirants will compete for the title of Unduk Ngadau KSS 2007!!

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Unduk Ngadau Kaamatan - Legend of Huminodun (Revisited)

It is the month of May, and yes Tadau Kaamatan or Harvest Festival is celebrated throughout Sabah by the Kadazandusun and Murut. Of course the much anticipated event is the Crowning of the Unduk Ngadau 2007 (Harvest Festival Beauty Queen). Since most of us may not know what the Unduk Ngadau signifies or symbolises especially why the highlight of the Harvest Festival is the crowning of the most beautiful and intelligent lady, and it gives me great pleasure to include in this posting the Legend of the Huminodun. I include some of the yesteryears pictures to reminiscence us of the previous Unduk Ngadau.

Unduk Ngadau 2006 - Devenna Jaikob (Sulaman)

The Legend of Huminodun

And so unfolds this legend:

Once long ago, when time was young and the earth was new, there lived a young woman whose beauty was reknown throughout the land. Her name was Huminodun, and she was truly beautiful that anyone who would chance on her would be mesmerised and held spellbound by this vision of loveliness. Her beauty was made all the more enchanting because she was gentle in spirit and blessed with kindness and wisdom that were beyond her years. Huminodun was the only child of the god Kinoingan and his wife Suminundu.

The Earth they lived in was generous, and the harvest was bountiful and there was plenty of food for the people. There were happiness and contentment everywhere.

However, a prolonged drought soon came over the land. There was and the earth became parched, the rivers ran silent and dry, the trees and plants wilted and died. The colour of the land but surely turned from bountiful green to stark arid yellow heat and dust.

Day came when the barns and threshing floors in the land were bare. In those days, the staple food of Kinoingan and his people type of grain called huvong. Kinoingan became very worried when he saw that there was no longer any food to eat; soon his people might die of hunger and starvation. Seeing his father's countenance, Humindun asked "Father, why do you look so distressed?"

"We have run out of food and we have no grain left to plant, not even the huvong," replied Kinoingan. "I am worried for our people; how are they to sustain themselves and their families?"

Huminodun reflected on this and said "Father, please do not worry." For a solution had come in that instance to her mind. "Go ahead and clear the land for planting. Father, I am willing to be sacrificed. Let me body, soul and spirit be offerings to the great Mother Earth. If you scarifice me to her, this drought wull soon end and you willhave seeds once agin for planting and there will be food for all our people," she said.

Unduk Ngadau 2005 - Madeline Nandu (Penampang)

Such sorrow and sadness befell Kinoingan when he heard this but he knew that his daughter spoke the truth. He also knew that once Huminodun had made her decision, there would be no way he could change her mind.

With a laden heart, Kinoingan went ahead and cleared that land for planting. Through his supernatural powers, he was able to clear such a large area over many hills without any difficulty. When the time came for planting, Huminodun was brought to the cleared lot. Great indeed were the grief throughout the land that day. As she was leaving, one could hear the pitiful wails of Suminundu who begged her daughter not to go. The young men who had fallen in love with Huminodun beseeched her to reconsider. Many cried and begged her to change her mind, however, Huminodun remained steadfast in her decision; there was nothing anyone could do for she had decided that her father's people must come before her.

When she arrived at the cleared plot, she turned to her father and said, "Father, you will see that my body will give life to many plants for the people. My flesh will give rise to rice; my head, the coconut; my bones, tapioca; my toes, ginger; my teeth, maize; my knees, yams. Other parts of my body will become edible plants as well. Never again will our people go hungry; never again will famine be a visitor to our land."

Unduk Ngadau 2004 - Fharelynne Ivonne Henry (Tamparuli)

She continued, "However Father, to ensure a good harvest, you must remember this: when you strewn parts of my body all over this clearing, do not come near here for seven days, and seven nights, When the rice has ripened, and it is time to bring them in, do not start the harvest without first taking seven stalks of this new rice and tying them to one end of a long bamboo stick. Put this pole in the middle of the rice field. Only then may you begin your harvest. When you bring home your harvest, place the bamboo pole in the tangkob (rice storage hut) along with the rice."

"These are my instructions, Father: of your first day's harvest, keep them in the kakanan (big jar). Do not give away any part of your first year's harvest lest the remaining grains turn bad. The second year onwards, you may do as you wish to your harvest." (This is why, to this day, the Kadazandusun people do not give any part of their first year's harvest).

Kinoingan agreed to abide by all her instructions. Thus done, he proceeded to sacrifice his only beloved daughter. At the instance of her death, the world turned black, thunder clapped and lightning struck, and the ground beneath shook and rumbled.

Unduk Ngadau 2003 - Daphne Iking (Klang Valley)

And then the rains came. Great was the torrent on that eventful day; the parched earth soaked in the reviving moisture, and the air became pure and clean once more. Humnidun's predictions came true; as her blood touced the earth, life was reborn. It was as she had said, as the dry earth drank in the rain and her blood, plants of many kinds began to bud and sprout in all the land.

That year, Kinoingan's people saw a harvest of such bounty never before experienced in their memory. In adherence to Huminodun's instruction, he kept the first day's harvest in the kakanan and chose the first seven stalks of the harvest for the bamboo pole.

The seven stalks of rice were to honour the seven Bambaazon, the paddy spirit.

As for the rice in the kakanan, it produced another gift. On the seventh day of the sacrifice, a beautiful maiden rose from the jar. She was the beautiful, selfless Huminodun, resurrected in spirit to return and care for her people.

She was called the Unduk Ngadau.

And it was this spirit of Huminodun that first taught and instructed the Bobohizan (priestesses) in their chants and rituals, thus beginning the spiritual traditions of the people.

Unduk Ngadau 1999 - Kathie Renjus (Inanam) (L)
Unduk Ngadau 2000 - Regina Intang (Melalap) (R)

To this day, the Unduk Nagdau pageant is the central part of the Kadazandusun Murut harvest festival, to commemorate the legendary Huminodun, who despite her beauty and position, gave her life in exchange for the lives of her people.

Her gift of life remains our legacy, exemplary deeds which will continue to teach and remind us of the importance of sincere caring, and love for peace and prosperity through the spirit of our culture.

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