Monday, May 08, 2006

Kaamatan Queens of Yesteryears (1981-1990)

This is the third segment where I am featuring the Kaamatan Queens of yesteryears - they were the Queens of the 1980s era. They were known as Ratu Kaamatan (Kaamatan Queen) during this decade.

Just wanna share you with the picture on the left. It was an advertisement in the mids 80s by a tele-communication company where the leading priestesses was doing the magavau (sacred ritual ceremony) holding a handphone trying to call the Bambarayon (the spirit of the paddy). The advert received so many complaints due to the insensitivity of the communication provider towards the Kadazandusun community. But hey, that was in the 1980s! Back in the present time, my next post shall be the Kaamatan Queens of the 1990s.

See you all later in a bit.

Ratu Kaamatan 1981,
(Janet Dabi)

Ratu Kaamatan 1982
(Margaret Dolly Jimayol)

Ratu Kaamatan 1983
(Janet Kinjau)

Ratu Kaamatan 1984
(Esther Sikayun)

Ratu Kaamatan 1985
(Florence Jipiu)

Ratu Kaamatan 1986
(Johanna Sybil Disimond)

Ratu Kaamatan 1987
(Joan Glory Tommy)

Ratu Kaamatan 1988
(Jenny Alasa)

Ratu Kaamatan 1989
(Deidre Peter Mojuntin)

Ratu Kaamatan 1990
(Julia Augustine)


At 5:22 PM, Blogger Nelda said...

I didn't realise they're all from Penampang in this decade.
I have to say they're all very pretty though.

At 2:34 PM, Blogger jasonjay said...

yuo, 1980s were the Penampang Beuaty Queens ... waktu ini semua orang bilang gadis2 penampang mahal ... mau kawin pun kena fikir 2 kali abis semua cantik2 .. berian pun terus melonjak naik ... hehe amazing isn't it!! ...

At 9:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Auntie Julia is pretty isnt she? That's my 1st cousin's auntie..bangga juga la :)


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