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O2C Next Top Model (ONTM) - Task 2 (Star Studded Nite, Red Carpet Pose)

This is the O2C Next Top Model (ONTM) - Task 2! All pictures are taken during the 3rd KE Star Studded Nite 2008 held on the 18 October 2008. The dress code of the red carpet event was Casual Smart (Glitters). And here are the judges comments!

Tommy - Wah pandai bergaya, berhias tp mekap tu kena kasi 'up' sikit supaya lebih malatops!

Gedion - Miss Iron Rambut...nice smile but look forced. Blusher mcm tidak balance. But overall, very easy to the eyes and sweet.

Jason - I agree with the 2 judges concerning the smile and the make up. Eyes are lively and the pose could be improved.

Tommy - Alangkah bagusnya kalau berpakaian mcm ni tapi tidak memakai spec... Lain kali cubalah membiasakan diri dengan contact lens (bukan slalu pakai juga kan... lain lah kalau slalu ada party mcm ni) hwa3!

Gedion - Ok, maybe next time try using contact lenses. Baru nampak itu mata yang cantik. Nasib baik gambar sampai dada jak, tidak la nampak perut. :) Must be daring more when posing in front of the camera. No shy

Jason - I don’t like the pose at all! Body posture is too vertical. The eyes and smile is too plain probably as a result of the poor pose. If done properly (posing wise, smile and good eye contact) you would look much younger, cheeky and charming. And that attire, you would even look more seductive.

Tommy - Lain kali kalau mau bergambar biar kasi kemas dulu baju tu... at least tarik2 dulu baju tu p bawah supaya kureng kedutan dia ok!

Gedion - Ini macam kotigok kena gambar. Haha. But very candid and natural. Nasib baik lagi gambar sampai dada jak. Kalau full body ndak tau la..But the eyes lack emotion. Practice more in front of the mirror.

Jason - You look uncomfortable and a bit nervous from the look of your face and eyes. Lips and the left eye are a bit tight. Otherwise you will look much better.

Tommy - Hmmm ok lah... tapi pasti lebih ok kalau pakai baju lengan panjang!

Gedion - Mula2 sia nampak, sia ingat taiko samseng mana, c Mamai pula. Ngam la dengan nama dia tu, sebab pose pun macam mamai juga. Dengan senyuman macho dia. But I prefer the full body shot. He looked more into the character. I think this pic of Mamai would be a magazine cover. Just have to work on body posture more. Supaya nampak lagi outstanding.

Jason - I don’t like the whole baju arrangement. Need to work out and tone the shoulder. Sometimes we need to match our character and the way we dress up. Ngam ka tidak ngam? Really need to practice on the smile, looks unsymmetrical to me.

Tommy - Dia ni semakin malatops n kadang2 mcm kena edit lebih pulak gambar dia ni sia tgk! hwa3... Tapi dia memang ada bakat jd model peramah! uwahhh!

Gedion - As always, delivers great shot. Best smile of all. Very nice colour of shirt. have emotions in the eyes, like very excited. Keep up the good work!

Jason - Best picture of the bunch!! The pose is excellent showing details of total facial expression, i.e. cheek bones and jaw lines. In modeling industry, this is what most talent scouts are looking for. I know the facial complexion has been photoshoped, but that’s fine with me. Best magazine cover if to compared with mamai or sumpit as indicated by Gedion.

Tommy - Dressing pempuan paling mantap utk mlm tu... tapi cubalah dia pakai anting2 bulat yg besar! Ni trend KL skrg... bukan Kl jak tp mana2 pun kalau rambut sudah set2 mcm tu siap dressing mcm tu memang x kena kalau tiada anting2!

Gedion - Great hair and smile too! Try wearing other more vibrant and fresh colours. Black makes this beautiful lady look boring. Try having bang or a bit hair in front. Too much fore head is not good also. But still a very well done shot.

Jason - The baju I like! Not too over dan teda yang kurang. Just nice and SAFE (since it’s baju hitam kan!). The make up could be improved. Nice smile too (I think you learn how to smile more naturally)!

Tommy - Rambut dia mesti kena kasi blow kembang lg atau masa tu dia buat sendiri rambut dia? Macam pakai lens masa tu kan? Kalau betul then bagus sb up to date! hwa3! TAPI... baju yg nampak celah2 dada tu memang lawa kalau pakai rantai apa juga rantai yg penting rantai leher! hwa3

Gedion - The Miss Congeniality. Warm smile, but the hair is a bit too done. Maybe less keras and more flows can make her look sensational. But best top for girls. Kasi tayang itu Cle.... lagi, ada markah juga tu...hehe

Jason – The pose was the real spoiler, showing all the weaknesses e.g. double chin, wrinkles on the neck, imbalance shoulders, silhouette at the back. Less is more and trying too hard to look great sometimes could change the whole outlook of the pic. The hair is okay and the baju is superb (but was not fully utilized) to obtain a great picture.

Tommy - Time ni dia sudah mabuk ka belum? Kenapa leher baju dia tu mcm org yg sudah singgarung? Lain kali jgn patah2 leher kalau posing Wesh!

Gedion - Ok, the shirt must be change. Doesn't go with Red Carpet Theme. But the pose is nice, kalau bukan full body shot la. And hair style...hm...I don't know if I should comment on the belah tengah...what u think jay?

Jason – Obviously the hair could be much better. I will recommend you my hairstylist, Ah Kin!! Sometimes you have to try to bring more character to yourself, i.e. facial characters in particular. Position and expression of the eyes and smile are great, pose is okay, a bit tight on the right neck simply because the pose is a bit uncomfortable for you. Kalu baju, yg lebih nice-nice lagi la.

Tommy - Ai? mcm baru aku nampak org ni? Kalau ya pun mau berpose, cuba kasi kaluar itu barang yg ada di poket baju sb baju ko ni transparent bah gaman!

Gedion - Baju dia transparent kah tu? Memang dia berani kan. Showing all his curves. Sia solute la dia ni. Maybe a profile shot can be better. If front face too common.

Jason – I think overall okay. Facial expression okay cuma tu bibir macam kena kepit sikit. Either you are not ready or you are nervous, that I don’t know.

Tommy - Memang dia ni pandai bergaya sudah.. mainan mata n mimik muka pandai dia kontrol kalau dpn camera! Senang sikit kerja! hwa3!

Gedion - This one is nice. Very the perfume model style. But the dressing could be better. Maybe a different colour. And the eyes no need to make it look sexy la. The sexiness are there naturally. Just have to work on the body pose and dressing.

Jason – Posing wise is excellent! Facial contour is good and look neat kan. I think the baju is ok la, matching jugalah with the botak concept! Cume the smile masih kurang sikit, I think kau ni kedekut senyum bah!!!

Tommy - Buli ka ko berdiri jgn kasi miring tu bahu kalau mau buat muka serius dpn camera?

Gedion - Good effort in matching the shirts. Macam model Calvin Klein pun ada. I prefer the black and white pic. Looks more classy. Patut tunduk sikit and eyes focus on camera. Barulah mcm cover shot. But so far best male model pic.

Jason – Simple tapi menawan gituh kan si sumpit ni! Very very metrosexual looking! A bit awkward on the pose macam ‘Leaning Tower of Pisa’ yang di Italy too. Of all the model, you hair is the best! Again this pic kena photoshopped. Kalu 2 kali tgk you have the feminine look, kalu 2 kali tgk la bah.

Tommy - Hmmm pandai bergaya juga bah dia ni siap pakai spec trend skrg! hwa3! Tapi lain kali jgn butang tu baju sejujur alam! Nampak ka mcm menangis sudah tu baju ko pakai? kasi lepas 1 butang atau 2 butang lg supaya nampak selesa lagipun ko pakai baju dlm juga!

Gedion - Ini gambar sebelum mabuk atau semasa mabuk? Nice shirt and wonderful smile. Should do spiky hair to compliment the face shape. Supaya nampak lagi matured. Don't push back the head too much, chin down a bit and play with the camera more. It's ok to be cheeky but keep it moderate. But this pic makes people happy when looking at it right? The fun and joy shows through the picture. Good!

Jason – Simple old fashion pose but works for you! Ya, the baju could be more sexier next time. Very natural smile, symmetrical and happy go lucky type of person. Keep it up!


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